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Best Macarthur Dryer Repair Specialists In Campbelltown


Clothes Dryer Repairs CampbelltownLooking for dryer repairs in Campbelltown ? Viking has been in the clothes dryer repair business for four decades and pretty much specialise in all repairs of dryers in Macarthur and clothes dryer sales in pre-used clothes dryers. If your dryer is making unusual noises, not working properly or releasing unusual electrical motor odours, you’ll need to call Viking dryer repairs
If you have been let down by a broken down clothes dryer. We will attempt to repair your clothes dryer on site but if we can’t, we can provide a mobile service to have your dryer repaired at our centre and returned to your home as quickly as possible.
Whether you have a burned out motor or dryer electrical controls, we can diagnose your broken down dryer, order in the parts, and fix your dryer ASAP and have it delivered back to you with min fuss.


If you live in the Campbelltown area, and are experiencing a broken down clothes dryer, you be rest assured our highly experienced team of appliance repairs in Campbelltown will get your white goods back on track reliable and with min fuss.


How Much Do Dryer Repairs Cost?


Dryer repairs can vary in costs due to brand of the dryer and labour to repair the dryer. Some dryers take little time to repair, some a little longer. If you are unsure of and want to know what it costs to repair a broken down dryer, don’t be shy, and give us a call to discuss your needs repairing your dryer. Every home needs a working dryer.


Do Our Dryer Repairs Come With a Guarantee Or Warranty ?


You can also relax knowing all work with parts and labour come with a twelve month warranty. With 40 years experience in the appliance repair services in Macarthur, you can rest easy knowing you are in good hands with viking appliance repair technicians. Here at Viking, we are the white goods repair experts.


Because of our many years of experience the appliance repair industry, our customers know who they can rely on when looking for the best in appliance repair services as we always go beyond and do what is required to satisfy our customers with repairing broken down appliances.


So when you need a technician to repair a broken down dryer, you can count on Viking. We practice old-fashioned services with fair pricing for all our customers. Viking Appliance repair centre are always committed to exceeding client expectations.


Are You Experiencing Problems Of The Following With Your Broken Down Dryer ?


  • Your dryer controls or switches are broken ?
  • Your are still not fully dried after a completed cycle ?
  • Are you receiving service codes on your control read out ?
  • Are you hearing abnormal noises coming from your drum while in cycle ?
  • Is your dryer not heating up ?
  • Is your dryer not holding its temperature ?
  • Is your dryer failing to turn on or off ?
  • Does your dryer activate its circuit breaker continually or intermittently ?
  • Do you experience a burning electrical odor ? ( STOP USING YOUR APPLIANCE NOW )

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms with your broken down dryer, Viking can help fix and get your dryer back to you as quickly as possible.


What Brands of Dryers Do We Provide Repairs On ?


Campbelltown Dryer RepairsWe specialise in most brands of dryer repairs in Campbelltown that you can buy on the open market but some of the most common brands in dryers that we repair or sell pre used units are :


Bosch, Smeg, Fisher & Paykel, Asko, Westinghouse, Ariston, Baumatic, Beko, Blanco, Omega, Ilve, Electrolux, GE and Technika


Looking To Buy A Used Or Refurbished Dryer ?


If you are not willing to repair your broken down dryer, but can’t afford to buy a new dryer, you can always look at buying pre used dryer or second hand dryer from Viking. All our units are pre checked before sale and are more than affordable and can be delivered to your place of residence.


We even provide refurbished units as well should you look at buying a reconditioned dryer and deliver all over the Macarthur 2560 area. Call Viking dryer repairs in Campbelltown today and talk to our appliance repair and sales specialists on how we can keep your dryer going in your home. At Viking, we are the Campbelltown dryer repair specialists.


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